MET transformer repairs and electrical field servicesMET Predictive Electrical Maintenance, Testing & Repair

Turn to MET as your one-stop-shop for Electrical Field Service and predictive Power Transformers maintenance, testing, and repairs of all complexities. MET specializes in medium-to-high voltage power, and by leveraging predictive testing and maintenance we can find and correct issues in equipment before they cause your operation to grind to a halt unexpectedly.

MET has nearly 20 years of industrial Electrical Field Service experience, including the internal expertise and resources to be a full, turnkey solution for your business.

Predictive Maintenance

Prevent unscheduled downtime, outages, and lack of productivity and increase your equipment’s reliability with MET’s predictive maintenance Electical Field Services including testing, diagnostics and service support. Including:

  • Prescheduled predictive electrical maintenance at regular intervals
  • Transformer and electrical line testing, analysis, and diagnostics
  • Transformer and electrical performance monitoring and repairs

Emergency Service

MET also offers 24/7 Electrical Field Services such as:

  • Transformer and electrical repairs, including authorized warranty repairs
  • Re-engineering and replacement
  • Outage management
  • Onsite turnkey installation services
  • And more

Electrical ServicesElectrical Services

Part of our electrical services is that we do assembly, layout and construction of electrical infrastructure. ( Sub stations, overhead lines and cable networks).

MET will even help you to design every aspect of electrical work for new homes/businesses, house extensions, company renovations. We provide electrical design services for any project, big or small.

Electrical design is important for homes as well as commercial and industrial buildings. MET has expert residential electricians, commercial electricians and industrial electricians, so you can have an expert specialised electrician working on the electrical design for your project!

Because our Electricians work with you from start to finish on your project, we are experienced at working with other consultants and contractors involved in your project in both the planning and implementation stages of your build! When you are building or remodeling, it is essential that the electrical design is fit to meet your needs, this will help to prevent additional alterations in the future such as the need for additional power points. Electrical design involves ensuring that every electrical aspect of your home or commercial property is designed to work perfectly for your needs. Aspects of design such as the location of power points and light switches may seem like a small thing to consider, however these small factors of your electrical design can have a large impact on the functionality of your premises.

MET Power transformer repairs and servicesPower Transformers Maintenance and Services

MET has a long standing history when it comes to power transformers and the maintenance and rewind of power transformers. Transformer maintenance can be done at our Transformer repair workshop where we do power transformer rewinding, test winding resistance, any size substation maintenance, transformer testing, transformer oil sampling and transformer frequency response tests. MET is rated for high voltage and low voltage testing and can replace and check transformer oil levels. We have all the necessary equipment to give you a complete data analysis on the transformers winding circuit. We can repair any size transformer.

Major Plant

At MET we do On-site electrical transformer maintenance and relocation of transformers up to 800MVA. Any Electric Equipment at Major companies can be moved and installed by MET. We can work on most substations, doesn’t matter what condition it is in. Preventative maintenance on most Electrical Equipment is crucial for a long life expectancy.


We supply, install & maintain top generator brands.

We offer a complete turnkey solution consisting of:

  • Import and supply of new generators from 16kva up to the largest industrial generators.
  • Only well-known generators for sale
  • Professional site meeting to assess and advise on clients’ requirements (residential, commercial and industrial generators).
  • Advice on and options for generator sizing, positioning, and installations.
  • Delivery options including (among others) crane truck delivery and rigging.
  • Manufacture of concrete plinths.
  • Installation and Certificate of Compliance (issued by Electrical Engineer).
  • Preventative Maintenance Contracts tailored to clients’ specific needs.
  • Servicing, repairs and maintenance offered to clients who buy generators from other suppliers.
  • Pre-owned generators for sale
  • Professional, knowledgeable and friendly service that you can rely on.

Let MET take the frustration out of power failures by supplying, installing, and maintaining professional hassle-free generator solutions for your residential, commercial, and industrial requirements – your lifetime preferred supplier for present and future requirements.

Protection, Test & Metering

MET has established a reputation for excellence in design, engineering, manufacturing, testing and commissioning of protection, control and metering schemes for Eskom, municipalities, mines and other electrical industries.

MET supports all products with extensive in-house engineering expertise, which includes:

  • Professional project management
  • Protection, control & metering schemes formulation of specifications
  • Scheme and system design, manufacture and integration
  • Scheme testing and commissioning

Electrical Field Team

Electrification and reticulation – MET has been involved in large electrical reticulation projects both urban and rural environments (involving both overhead and underground). Understanding the dynamics of the country and the importance of proving electricity, our company has positioned itself to provide specific electrification and reticulation services such as the following:

  • Erection of poles (steel mono types – concrete and wooden poles) for overhead lines
  • Demolishing of redundant overhead lines and associated infrastructure
  • Installation of pole mounted switchgear and other equipment
  • Underground cable works
  • Miniature substations and ring main unit installations
  • Consumer distribution units installation
  • Overhead and underground service connections
  • Street lighting
  • Demolishing of redundant underground networks
  • Testing and Commissioning
  • Low cost electrification
  • Access to electricity initiatives and programs
  • Bulk supply power user connections
  • Network integration modelling and analysis