Field Services

Services Offered

  • On-site transformer maintenance, refurbishment, repairs and replacement from 50KVA up to 800MVA
  • Tap-changer maintenance and repairs
  • CT & VT maintenance and repairs
  • On-site HT breaker maintenance and repairs up to 132kV
  • Switchgear fault finding and testing – indoor and outdoor switchgear

  • Oil sampling and testing
  • State of the art equipment
  • VLF Tester – New Cables
  • Cable Jointing & terminations 230V, 400V, 11kV up to 132kV
  • MV distribution substation maintenance
  • Auto-recloser maintenance
  • Infrared Scanning
  • On-site transformer maintenance and refurbishment – sizes from 10MVA up to 800MVA
  • Purification of transformer insulating oil
  • Transformer commissioning and testing up to 800MVA
  • On-line tap-changer filter and conditioning monitoring – supply and installation
  • Equipment information: Jacking equipment lifting up to 200 tons